The next Spree!! (August to September)

We managed to secure another buyer's assistance and we will be going to Paris if we have secure the minimum number of confirmed orders to go! Just for 2 days, we will spend time in Paris to hunt for Hermes and Chanel. Please send us your list of orders soon and in colour of priority. Just a note that Fall/Winter  usually will come with darker colours so for any items you would like for cruise 2010, we will try our best but no promises. In addition, we will be running the London Spree at the same time. This is so that you have a better chance of scoring your items either in Paris or London!

Details of Spree Promotions:

a) Paris Spree - 2% VAT return on all items except  for Hermes. No Shopper fees.
b) London Spree - 3% VAT return on Chanel, all other items 2% return. No Shopper fees.

Note: No VAT refund on purchases below £500/€600. Customers are allowed to consolidate items to purchase in order to enjoy the promotion.

When do we ship?

All items for the August/September spree will be deliver by 3rd week of September or 2 week of October.

When is the latest to place order and deposits?

As soon as possible, this is because our buyers would be making the trip in deliberation and would not make this trip if we don't secure minimum orders.

Email us at or visit our promotion page for more details.

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