Its the feverish world cup season and it is also the feverish hot SUMMER Season in SINGAPORE!! haha or in this small little island of us, its always hot all year round. When you step out of the office, the heat start bearing at you, and by the time you return to the office, gosh, probably some of our make may have run..

"In hot weather, applying your makeup should be as simple and comfy as putting on your favorite pair of jeans and flip-flops," says New York City makeup artist Troy Surratt and we at shopaholicdiaries TOTALLY  agree with him.  So how can we keep our makeup looking fresh and dewy, even when the weather is totally against you?

1) Prepping your all natural face
We believe in setting your face with your moisturiser and a make up base.

2) Do away with your foundation
Instead of your usual caked or liquid foudation, we will opt for a tinted moisturer follow by your pressed powder. Lighter make up is the way to go!

3) Bronze it up!!
Apply powdered bronzers just only to the certain area of the face where the sun naturally hits, at shopaholicdiaries, we would recommend the nose bridge, the cheeks and the forehead ( very lighty dusted over a the forehead tho) This will aim to give you a radiant glow and a fresh light summer makeup look.If you want you could dust a bit of shimmering powder to your shoulders and collarbone.

4) My Peepers!
For the eyes, we won't recommend much on the eyeliner and mascara, instead it is most important to keep a natural look,play around with eyeshadow, chose neutral and light colours like beige, pink. A light brown eyeliner and a tinge of mascara will do the trick and complete the look.

5) Juice it up!
Don't forget to gloss those lips of yours! Apply a high shine gloss like MAC’s Clear Gloss and you are ready to hit town! ;)
A light summer make up look.
We have included one of the clip from our Fav Youtube make up artist- Michelle Phan for your viewing!! Love love love her amazing make up skills!! Enjoy watching!!
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