The miu miu coffer, a classic on its own, one of the signature pieces of Miu miu. So today we will provide you the top 10 reasons why we at shopaholicdiaires love the Miu Miu coffer. T has one, and L has been eyeing it for quite some time. ;-)
1.   Its chic design is so unqiue!!! One of its own kind!! The hobo design has caught the eye of so many.

2.   It is so versatile, you can use it in any way that you want. To the office, for a quick shopping break, even to the supermarket.

3.   The delicate lambskin of course!! simply lovely, soft to the touch, like baby skin.

4.  Its quality craftsmanship, no doubt about it. Each and every piece is put through a stringent high quality control.

5.   It comes in beige!!!
6.    Its affordable Pricing, not too over priced, allow you to purchase it without neccesarily having to break the bank.

7.  Because the cite Reese Witherspoon has one and she looks so good with it on her hand!! :-) And many others as well! :-)
8.   It comes in so many delicious colour instead of the safe colours... AND the main point is it looks great even in pink or blue!!
9.  The gathered leather frontal design up the aesthetic notch of the bag by one level. ;-)

10.   Finally, It just feel so right to have it resting on one arm and shoulder.. well as least for us at shopaholicdiaries. ;-)

Well do contact us, if you are interested in the Miu Miu coffer. At Shopaholicdiaries, we carried the large coffer at SGD 2,300 (You get  to enjoy a saving of $400!!!)  State your desired colour, leather and size and leave the rest to us. ;-)

Pictures from yahooimages

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